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Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide - Hardcover

The Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide covers the 19 deepest wrecks in Lake Erie in great detail. These wrecks are all well beyond the recommended recreational diving limit, ranging in depth from 130 feet to 210 feet. Each of the 19 chapters contains complete vessel histories, detailed descriptions of each ship's loss, lost tales of death and survival, untold stories, and detailed descriptions of the wrecks as they rest on the bottom of the lake bed. Each chapter is supplemented with never before published illustrations, archival and historical photos, and spectacular underwater photographs by some of the world's premier underwater photographers. 


Featured Shipwrecks: Acme (Propeller), Andrew BAtlantic, Barge F, Cracker, George WhelanJohn J. Boland, Jr., Junction 20, Mast Hoop, Oneida (Arches), Oxford (aka Tiller Wreck, Crows Nest Wreck), PersianSaint James (aka Schooner X), Schooner G (aka Caledonia, Admiralty Wreck, Dunkirk Schooner), Sir CT Van Straubenzie (aka Yawl Boat Wreck), Smith (Tug), Stern CastleSwallow, T8

Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide - Hardcover

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  • "Erik researches a story the way a detective examines a crime scene, then tells the story of the calamity in a way that makes you feel as though you were there. This book is the blending of his investigative talents and some of the world's top wreck diving photographers, about Lake Erie's most mysterious and beautiful deep-water shipwrecks. This is not just a diver's guide book, but includes facts that have never been published before, as only Erik can uncover, and the tales to go with them."



    "Meticulously researched, nicely composed, beautifully illustrated. I wish I had written this book."



    "In many ways the title doesn't - and perhaps can't - really do this book full justice. This is so much more than a technical diving guide. Even if you don't dive, the book is an exciting read with Erik's in-depth and meticulous research taking the reader through the fascinating history of each wreck and the crew."


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