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John J. Boland, Jr.

The first book in a new shipwreck series entitled The Shipwreck Monograph Series. Each book is loaded with spectacular underwater photography and is accompanied by rare, archival, and historical images.


The John J. Boland, Jr. was a British built ship, owned and operated by a Canadian firm, which sank in American waters. The Boland is now one of the most spectacular and popular wreck sites in Lake Erie. The Boland was caught in an unpredicted, freak storm for which Lake Erie is so notorious. Once the Boland got into trouble, she only had four minutes before she was lost to Lake Erie's October waters. What may be a worse tragedy than the four sailors who lost their lives, is that this accident was completely avoidable. Relive the harrowing and tragic tales of those who perished and of those who survived the Boland's final trek across Lake Erie.

John J. Boland, Jr.

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