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Shipwrecks of Lake Erie Volume One

Extensively researched and supplemented with archival and underwater photographs and illustrations, Shipwrecks of Lake Erie Volume One is the only book on Lake Erie shipwrecks featuring complete vessel histories, descriptive stories of loss and survival, and thorough examinations of the wrecks as they sit on the bottom of Lake Erie.


At just about 210 miles long, 57 miles wide, and with a shoreline of approximately 871 miles that borders four US States (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan) and one Canadian Province (Ontario), Lake Erie is the 11th largest lake in the world. However, Lake Erie is the shallowest and second smallest of the Great Lakes. Yet, experts predict the bottom of Lake Erie contains more shipwrecks than any of the Inland Seas.


Lake Erie's furious, violent, sudden storms have sent thousands of ships along with their cargoes, passengers, and mariners to the depths of its cold waters. Every type of ship that ever sailed the Great Lakes can be found in Erie's waters.


Dive...Into Great Lakes History!


Featured Shipwrecks: Admiral, Brunswick, Carlingford, Clarion, Cortland, Dean Richmond, Duke Luedtke, Dundee, Erie, James B. Colgate, John B. Lyon, John J. Boland, Jr., Little Wissahickon, Merida, Morning Star, Success, Two Fannies, Willis 

Shipwrecks of Lake Erie Volume One

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  • "Erik has done a wonderful job researching in great detail some of these fascinating shipwrecks.  Shipwrecks of Lake Erie Volume One is well researched and documented, and contains many archival and underwater photographs and illustrations bringing these older vessels back to life.  For me, when diving Lake Erie, it is a much-needed companion helping me plan and execute dives on these wrecks. Since this is Volume One, I hope that this is only the first installment of a series of books on Lake Erie shipwrecks. Put this one in your dive bag."


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