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“Those who enjoy maritime history know there is no researcher more thorough, or storyteller more eloquent”

Cal Kothrade

Professional Photographer, Artist Wreck Diver

“Like any good explorer, Erik is meticulous in his research and preparation”

William H. Thomas, PhD.

Renowned Explorer, Conservationist, Author, Anthropologist

"I am thoroughly enjoying the book. You certainly chose some tragic and dramatic stories to tell.

Keep up the good work."

Gary Gentile

Legendary Wreck Diver, Shipwreck Historian, Author of more than 70 books

“Erik researches a story the way a detective examines a crime scene, then tells the story of the calamity in a way that makes you feel as though you were there.”

Joe Porter

Publisher, Wreck Diving Magazine

“Your lectures are amazing! Spellbinding is the right word.”

Ric Mixter

Filmmaker, Author, Historian

“Erik is a brilliant light for future divers to emulate...a valuable resource for the future of wreck diving. Keep writing and inspiring.”

Gene Peterson

Legendary Wreck Diver, Author

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